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Vocational Services


This page will explain the services Community Inclusions Ltd. offers through its Vocation Program.

More information will be added in the coming weeks.

Tignish Training Centre

Clients attend day services at this location. The main focus is integration into the community and clients take part in a variety of community-based opportunities which include: off-site employment activities and lunch programs, as well as volunteer work, recreational and social opportunities.

Maple House Centre

Clients attend day services and participate in a variety of employment related opportunities, such as bakery and café work. Clients also participate in off-site employment opportunities in the community.  Other services provided at this location include life skills training as well as recreational and social opportunities for clients.

Meet CJ. CJ had trained and worked at the Maple House Bakery & Café back in 2013. Though CJ is no longer with us, we are happy to report that she is now operating her own small business in the region.

Video provided by Department of Health & Wellness grant and Inclusions East project. 

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