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Press Release

Maple House Bakery and Café seeking to hire a full-time Café Attendant\Grill Cook plus also are looking to hire a casual Café Attendant\Grill Cook as it looks to reopen its services from a recent pause due to the Omicron Covid variant.  The organization would also like to add to its current list of casual staff in general.  There is also a good possibility that some of these new positions could lead to permanent, full-time work.

The past few years have been challenging ones for the popular Ellis Avenue location.  “Like so many other businesses and organizations, Covid has turned things upside down, however it does finally feel there is a light at the end of the tunnel “, says Stacie Gallant, current Manager of the bakery & café. 

Kevin Porter, Executive Director with Community Inclusions, who operates the bakery & café, said that it was a tough decision to pause operations at the bakery & café. “We felt we needed to do something, with Omicron, business had really slowed in January and we also had some real concerns for client and staff’s safety “, adds Porter. “We have some immune compromised clients who attend and help out at the bakery & café, so we made the decision with them in mind but also with our staff in mind “, adds Porter.

Once again, in hopes of finding additional workers for the bakery and café, Maple House is organizing an Open House on March 3rd, beginning at 6:30 pm. The location of the business is 76 Ellis Avenue in O’Leary.

The Maple House Bakery and Café is a component of the Maple House Centre and a division of Community Inclusions Ltd, a non-profit organization that supports adults with intellectual disabilities in western PEI. Maple House is a day facility in O’Leary where clients with Community Inclusions can participate in a variety of employment opportunities, including helping in the bakery and the café.

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Maple House has had similar events in the past, the last one being in 2020.  “We have had some success with these says, “Stacie Gallant, Manager at the bakery & café, “so we felt it was time to do another”.


“It’s an opportunity for people to see what we do and how we operate firsthand “said Ms. Gallant.


Ms. Gallant said Maple House is a really great place to work, but it has been difficult at times to find casual staff for the bakery and café.

“We are trying to get it out into the community what we do here, how we work with individuals with intellectual disabilities, how they are a huge part of our place,” said Ms. Gallant. “We’re just trying to get more public awareness of what we do.”


Currently, the building has three full-time café workers, two full-time bakery workers and three full-time support staff with the Maple House Centre.


Right now, we’re on the low end regarding casual workers for the bakery and café, so to be able to run efficiently, we require additional staffing.


“It’s a wonderful place to work,” said Ms. Gallant. “It’s a great dynamitic we have going on here.” When folks find out that not only are we a full-service bakery & café, but also that we support adults with intellectual disabilities, including at our bakery & café, they want to support this “, adds Ms. Gallant.


Ms. Gallant will be at the open house, along with other staff from the bakery and café, Community Inclusions Executive Director Kevin Porter will also be there along with a few clients.


“There will be tours of the facility and we’ll be here to answer any questions,” said Ms. Gallant. “We want to educate people that we are not just a café and bakery.”


For more information regarding the bakery and café visit Community Inclusion’s newly revamped Web Site at or call 902-726-3144.

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February 25,2022

Maple House Bakery & Café plan for Re-opening. Open House to take place March 3rd, 2022 from 6:30pm - 8:00pm. Employment opportunities

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