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Welcome to the Maple House Bakery & Cafe menu.

Baked Goods

In house baked goods such as breads, biscuits, rolls and sweets. Please call for availability during the holidays or for special requests. We will do our best to accommodate you. Single Serve items also available (taxed)

Baked Goods

★ Bread image

★ Bread


Rolls image




pack of 4 house-made kaisers.


Biscuits image


Buttermilk biscuits, made in house. 6/pkg


Cinnamon Rolls image

Cinnamon Rolls

Biscuit dough cinnamon rolls. These will melt in your mouth!


Haystacks image


Delicious chocolate cookies made from oats, coconut and creamy chocolate. 12 per tray.


Cookies image


Beautiful cookies. Choice of Molasses, Sugar, Jam, Peanut Butter or Triple chocolate ship. 12/pkg


Squares image


Choice from Hello Dollies, O'Henry, Date and Butterscotch confetti squares.


Single Serves image

Single Serves

Choose from a variety of single serve sweets made especially for you!

Confetti Square




Hello Dollie


Butterscotch Square


Chocolate Balls (3pk)


Banana Loaf


Cinnamon Roll (iced)




Cheesecake image


Choice of Blueberry or Cherry.


Chocolate Balls image

Chocolate Balls

Some say they are the perfect two bites of goodness in every ball. soft creamy peanut butter centers covered in luscious chocolate. 9/pkg.
Also available in 3 packs. great for snack.


Lemon Meringue Pie image

Lemon Meringue Pie

In house made lemon pie topped with a beautiful meringue. Can be ordered in advance.


Sweet Tray image

Sweet Tray

Tray comes complete with 42 individual items including haystacks, variety of squares, hello dollies, chocolate balls and more! Suitable for a party of 18-20 guests.


Sandwich Tray

Tray is prepared with an assortment of sandwiches to suit your needs. Each tray is suitable for 8 to 10 people. Made on our home style baked bread.


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